Wednesday, December 3, 2008

what makes something difficult?

Jetzt habe ich zwei Projects. Ich lerne Deutsche und ich schreibe meinen zuerst Roman. Es heisst die Beide sind schwer. Ich frage mich, was bedeutet das Wort schwer?

what makes something difficult?

1. You aren't sure how to do it. If your doing something that hasn't been done before (i.e. your being creative), then you're in this situation. In fact, there will often be some uncertainty about how to do something, unless yours learning a basic skill in a disciplined environment. Like the firing range at boot camp. No getting creative there, one hopes. Creating a project outline or chart that plots out what needs to be done can help here.

2. Effort and time are not guarantees of success. I didn't call college (B.S. Math) or law school hard. Pain in the neck, maybe, but not hard. That's because I knew that if I put in the time and effort (and money) and followed direction, success was assured. not so with writing a book. Or is it? Well, here's an interesting epiphany. Nothing will guarantee that a major publisher will take it, of course. That decision is made by other people, not me. However, if I put in the time and effort I am guaranteed to create a books can be proud of. Awesome, I think I just made that Project a little less hard.

3. A habit is not yet established. Nothing gets things done better and easier than establishing a habit. Habits get people through a lifetime of employment. Heaven knows if we had to make a decision about whether and when to go to work each morning, we'd never go in. Like the guru on the mountaintop said, the secret to learning to meditate (or doing anything else) is Root-een. That is. routine.

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