Saturday, December 6, 2008

Black Collar Dress Collar for the "Cat About Town"

Here Twitch models a prototype of a white silk Dupioni evening collar from our upcoming Winter Collection. This fashion collection draws from many sources of inspiration, including having too much time on my hands and a recent visit to Daiso where much felt was purchased.

Please excuse the fuzziness of the photography. In a clichéd attempt at authenticity, my model decided to get stoned OUT OF HlS MlND before our photo shoot. The 70's are over, Twitch.

The collar is stitched in a way that makes the "wings" stick out a little from the cat's body. This makes it look more like a real shirt collar.

The back is felt. This gives it body.

This picture shows how the length of the collar is adjustable. This is a prototype, hence the visible stitching. The center piece of Velcro is for my cats´ radio beacon. Cat owners with less advanced obsessive compulsive disorder can attach an ordinary ID tag to the button on the front.
With the Loc8tor I can find them anywhere in the complex. Aliens sound clips - Movie Sound Clips


  1. Loc8tor dznt meen we's engaged or anytin.

    Yur Kat, Twitch

  2. The collar is adorable! I've been tossing around the idea of making little tuxedos after buying this one for my Granddog Hugo :) Little projects like this are soooooooooooooo much fun aren't they?

  3. Thx. We 1ikes our collas. Hugo gud model.(fur a dog.)


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