Friday, December 5, 2008

La Toilette Feline

The water dish for the true feline connoisseur The idea is to put a stick an upside-down bottle of water into the "tank." Then the "bowl" is self-filling.

And now down to business:

The Cat Genie. Self cleaning - you hook it up to your toilet. My cats loved it right away. I was still setting it up and they were trying to use it.

The Cat Genie is awesome. The cat pollutes, the Genie scoops, fills itself with water, agitates, rinses and blow dries itself. It rarely has problems, but when it does, they are big ones. Think "poop soup." Yeah, you old Litterfree veterans know what I'm talking about. There's nothing like cleaning out a Poop Slurpee at 3 am while your cat blithely fertilizes your bedspread because his toilet is out of commission.

Thus, we have a luxurious alternative. Who wouldn't love to eliminate his or her bodily wastes upon the glimmering crystal gems of two Scoop Free self-cleaning litter trays?

The one on the right is covered, for those shy, contemplative calls of nature. The one on the left is al fresco for the happy-go-lucky powderings of the nose.

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