Monday, December 8, 2008

Black Tie Cat Collar

I used a small piece of silk Duppioni, two little pieces of white ribbon, one button and a piece of elastic
Cut the felt
Sew on the ribbon. This is for strength. These parts of the felt will be under stress and will stretch if they aren't stabilized. Hmm. You could use stabilizer instead of ribbon.

Cut out the silk.

Sew around the edges.

Slit the silk as shown and iron.

Sew and iron and make it look like this.

And then like this.

Fold over the top and iron. Then sew it to create a channel.

Pull the elastic through the channel.

Sew the ends of the elastic together.

Pull on the elastic to hide the seam inside the channel.

Whoops. Too much elastic. Tie off the elastic to make it shorter.

Hide the knot inside the channel.

Admire cat.

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  1. That is DARLING!!! What a good Mr. Kitten :)


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