Sunday, December 7, 2008

Quick holiday cat collar

Here's my process for making this felt holiday collar.

Cut out some felt. Um, collar size.

get ready to sew

Sew ribbon around edge. It's decorative and adds strength.

iron iron iron

and iron some more

now stitch. Folding the material down as shown makes the collar a little more 3-dimensional

iron.Notice that the flaps of the collar stick out a little.

Cover the seam with ribbon.


Here I've used that iron-on glue stuff to stick a piece of Velcro to the back. The back of the silver beacon tag in the picture has a corresponding piece of Velcro.

Now thread the elastic "collar" part of the collar through the channel we've created.

tie it off.

Check the fit.

Hide the knot.

Bask in your cat's gratitude.

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  1. Very sweet - thanks for the simple directions. Your Mr. Kitten is adorable in his red collar :)

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